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Animal Crossing: City Folk (Japan: Doubutsu no Mori Wii[1], PAL: Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City) is the most recent video game title in the Animal Crossing series. Nintendo released the Wii sequel on November 16, 2008 in North America.It was released in Japan, Europe, and Australia on November 20, 2008, December 5, 2008, and December 13, 2008, respectively.[2]. The title boasts a variety of changes and additions to the Animal Crossing formula, including the abiltity to travel to an urban city[2]. Initial editorial previews of the title from and GameSpy indicate that, as with the title's predecessor, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nintendo has made very few changes to the title.[3][4] GameSpot gave a positive preview of the title, noting the charm of the game.[5]

New Features[]

It has been stated to take advantage of the WiiConnect24 functionality of the Wii console.[1]

It also uses a new WiiSpeak add-on for the console, which allows for voice chat over Nintendo WiFi Connection, a first not only for the Animal Crossing series, but for the actual Wii system.

In addition to the town where villagers live, there is also a city accessible by bus that acts almost as an expansion to the village: it features more shops and such to visit. Notably, Gracie owns a shop in the city, and there is also an auction house, and Harriet's hair salon, where the player can not only change their hairstyle, but can also opt to completely change their face into that of a Mii character. Real-world holidays are also returning to the series, such as Halloween and Easter (called "Bunny Day" in game), which were missing in the previous installment, Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Every month there is a circus that comes to the city. You can pay an extra 100 bells to the Able Sisters to design the back and sleeves of your shirts too! You can see any villager that does not live in your town in the city plaza. In the city there is; A auction house, run by Lloyd the gyroid - for auctioning on wifi (like Nookbay). The HRA (Happy Room Academy) HQ, ran by Lyle (to get tips on designing and on Feng Shui. Shampoodle - The hairdresser from Animal Crossing: Wild World - ran by Harriet. Dr. Shrunk's theater - to get emotions from. Redd's shop, members only, you need to be invited by a villager, but he does sell rare items. Katrina's shop - same purpose as in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Gracie Grace ran by Gracie and Labelle for expensive clothes or whole furniture sets.

Development and Unveiling[]

The conception of Animal Crossing: City Folk began during the production of producing Animal Crossing: Wild World he confirmed that an Animal Crossing title for the Wii, then codenamed Revolution, was in development. Katsuya Eguchi, the producer of both titles, suggested that the two titles may be able to link up to one another at e3 2005.[6] In 2006, Eguchi confirmed that City Folk was still just a concept and very little work had been completed. His time was being consumed by research and development of the Wii console.[7] The Animal Crossing team explored ways to involve the Wii Remote. They planned to allow players to use tools, such as the axe, shovel, and fishing rod. They also explored the use of WiiConnect24 in the hopes that a player could visit a friend's town even when he or she was not playing. The friend could then leave letters or gifts. Additionally, they planned to use Wi-Fi Connection to allow simultaneous play. At this point in time, however, the title was still not playable.[8]

In early 2007, Nintendo of Japan unveiled its video game lineup for the coming year. It included "Doubutsu no Mori" ("Animal Forest").[9] Having finished the Mii Channel for Wii, Animal Crossing: Wild World director Hisashi Nogami joined the Animal Crossing team once more.[10] Later that year, Edge Magazine reported that a trusted source confirmed that City Folk would be a massively multiplayer online game. The publication declined to name the source.[11] Nintendo failed to release the title in 2007. Online publication IGN Wii predicted that the title would arrive in 2008.[3]

At e3 2008, Reggie Fils-Aime unveiled the title in playable form under the name Animal Crossing: City Folk. The official release date currently stands for the end of 2008.[12]


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Notable Videos[]

You could meet all these animals in the game

File:Harriet-animal crossing.gif

and this one in the city


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